Jim Wafer, 1957 Corvette

Personal story and photograph submitted by owner Jim Wafer – courtesy of the National Corvette Museum – website for participation in the National Corvette Museum 2008 Historic Motorama II.

It may have started in the early 1990s when I built a second residence in the birth place of the Corvette, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Being so close to those newly beating engines was affecting me and I didn’t even know it. In 1998, I purchased a Cascade Green 1957 to myself, from myself for my 60th birthday.

It wasn’t until 1999, when I visited Andy Rodderick at the National Corvette Museum that a true love affair began. Andy coaxed me into taking a spin in his 1999 Corvette. Two hours later I returned and asked, “Okay, what did you inject into my blood? I’m hooked.”

I purchased a Bowling Green green, 2000 convertible six speed to drive whenever I was in Kentucky. The problem was, when I would go back to California I couldn’t tear myself away from the Corvette, and my “other” car was just a car. So I purchased the identical car, in deep blue which I drove up and down the California coast and the union grew.

In 2003, the Anniversary Edition found its way into my garage. I purchased two 2005 editions, one in white for myself, and one in black for my brother Wayne. Then in 2006 the Velocity Yellow ZO6 caught my eye. This is the one my grandkids love, and when they ask to drive it they call it the “look at me yellow” Corvette.

My wife Jacquie and I even named our dog Vettie and enjoy being members of both the Santa Barbara, California and the Bowling Green, Kentucky Corvette clubs. I also became a lifetime member of the Corvette Museum several years ago.

At this year’s Santa Barbara Corvette Club officers’ initiation dinner the newly elected president asked me exactly how many Corvettes I have now. I answered: “After six months of intense therapy I’m down to three!” Of course, that doesn’t count the 2009 ZR1 Blue Devil I have on order.

The 1957 was originally in California but was driven to Bowling Green 3300 miles with the top down by my close friends Gary and Tori Cockriel. The 57 was on display at the Corvette Museum for over a year after being part of the Corvette 50th birthday party in Nashville.

It is true honor to have my 1957 Corvette in the NCM Historic Motorama II in honor of GM’s 100th Anniversary. I have a prior commitment to attend my wife’s 50th class reunion in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania that weekend, so in my place will be my grandson Adam and his girlfriend Kay. His mother (my daughter, Rachelle), and his sister, Caleigh, have all moved from California to Bowling Green, so the Corvettes have become a family affair.

Jim Wafer
NCM Lifetime Member 642
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Santa Barbara, California